Check Out Some Summer Camp Pictures

[singlepic id=126 w=220 h=140 mode=web20 float=left]In an effort to get everyone excited about  our upcoming Summer Camp, I have posted some pictures that reflect the changes that were made during the past Riverside Workday in 2009. Mr. Cormier provided the pictures, and you can view the complete gallery here.

Also, be sure to check out some pictures from the previous two year’s Summer Camp outings. Here is a gallery from 2008 and again from our trip in 2009. There are hundreds of photos, and I encourage everyone to use the “View with Pic Lens” link at the top of each gallery listing to get a richer viewing experience.


Reminders from Mr. J


attached is the known attendance for summer camp. scout and adult. (2 sheets in the one file)

a line thru the scout’s name means he has already told us he is not attending.

I hope the issue is that most are waiting to the last minute to sign up (why I don’t know, but I hope that is the reason)

as I announced at last  night’s meeting and I am SURE your scout has given you the word….  if anyone has any issue with the dollars, contact me ASAP and we can work something out.

every scout should attend camp.  if money is the issue, we can be flexible but we need to know now so as not to incur the penalty.

money due for camp due next Monday.


2) Rendez-vous

SIGNUP FOR BEST PRICE is due next monday as well.   please consider this event.  in additiona to being our regular monthly outing in September, it is the 100year celebration of Boy Souting in America..

but to get the best price, you must commit now.


coming up June 14 … flier coming out soon. location = Jaycee park, on long lake, between john-r and Rochester.  eat at 6pm… troop COH followed by 2 Eagle Scout’s COH… bring a side dish.

troop supplies, hot dogs, bug, plates, silverware


mr j