Service Time Opportunity

A service time opportunity……..

On Wednesday, June 30, 5-7:30pm, there is a reception being given to thank certain FOS donors from the Great Lakes Council.

Location is my place of business, ArvinMeritor, 2135 W, Maple Rd., Troy  (between Collidge and Crooks)

Arrive at 5pm and enter thru the south employees entrance.  that entrance is at the back of the building, it is NOT the main entrance on Maple Rd.

What I need is 6-8 scouts, in full class “A” uniform.

2 scouts will help man the check-in table, the balance will mingle with the guests and talk with them about Scouting.

All will be involved with the opening flag ceremony which is merely to walk the flags in, post the colors, recite pledge and scout oath and law.

if you can get yourself there, I will make sure you get a ride home.

you can email me, or sign up this Monday at the picnic.

Note:  there will be alcohol severed to the adults only.  so if there is an issue with this, please do not sign up


mr j

Quick Notes About 6/7 Troop Meeting

Please try and show up this coming Monday…

1)       we are having an OA election during the troop meeting and need as many Scouts present as possible


for those adults interested….  committee meeting this Monday night.

location = mr j’s house.

time —  approx 15 minutes after troop meeting ends


mr j

Missing Forms and Tent Partners

Per Mr. J,

Attached is the Tent Partner summary.
WAY  TOO MANY FORMS have not been turned in.
please — please – please —- PLEASE ——get your form turned in now.
Either deliver to my house or bring Monday.
we are checking all other forms.. will let you know soon but I KNOW we are missing more than we should
WAY  TOO MANY people thinking they are in tents when their “partners” think they are in other tents.
please double check your info and get it corrected.
mr j

Summer Camp T-Shirt Contest

For those going to summer camp…….

you have an opportunity, if you wish to participate, in designing the t-shirt design

color of the shirt is fixed —  it is grey this year.

attached are some EXAMPLES….  they are examples only for your thinking process…..

the task —  design what the shirt should look like.

the design is place on the top left portion of the shirt only (no back designs)


– must have troop number on it
– must have bsa fleur-des-lies on it
– must be square, oval, rectangle or triangle
– must be clip art ready – no manual sketches
– must be micro-soft compatible (we got to be able to read/open it with some MS product)

All entries must be in my hands by this Monday.


mr j