RENDEZ-VOUS Campout Sept 24-26


trying to firm up the attendance for the upcoming sept campout.

as you know, this is the Great Lakes Council’s 100 Year Celebration of the B.S.A. And based on what I hear.. it will be a Fantastic time!!!!!!

attached is a roster showing who is signed up.

Due to some last minute family plans, we do have 4 open slots at the $20 price. these are available to anyone that is not yet signed up over and above the ones marked as “going not yet paid”.

this is a “first-come” — “ first served” notice. if your son wishes to attend, send me an e-mail before Monday to reserve one of the 4 open slots.

ALSO… for ALL that wish to participate in the SCUBA event, you must complete the attached scuba perm slip IN ADDITION to the regular troop perm slip. (both are attached)

I have also attached general information regarding events.

Uniform for the event will be class “A” up and back and class “B” during the day on Saturday.

ADULTS – if you are going – you MUST complete YPT training.. NO EXCEPTIONS…

check the attached roster.. for those attending and we do not have record of your YPT it is indicated in yellow.

please complete the course and send certificate to mr cormier and myself.

for more detailed info on the rendez-vous – visit the website and click on the rendez-vous link in lower right corner.


mr j





First Meeting of the Year — Notes from Mr. J

ok Scouters…….

by now everyone surely has read the newsletter.  please make sure your son has also read it.

September will be a very busy month – as it always is – for everyone.

for those going on the outing, (only 2 weeks away) and you already know who u r since you signed up last May….  perm slip will be available Monday.

for the new scouts that just joined last spring, you can still sign up at the reduced price, but you need to sign up this Monday.

this Monday – we have a lot to do..  (remember – this meeting only —   7-8:45pm)

– elect SPL

– form patrols

– elect patrol leaders

– get patrol name, cheer, yell

– start SM conferences (19 scouts are ready for conferences)

– start board of reviews

– decide on monthly themes and camping locations.

please talk to with your Scouts and discuss possibilities for camping locations (especially cabin alternatives that can house 30-40 bodies)

to elaborate on the last topic….  the month of Sept and Oct, the adults will be running the program.

this will enable the Scouts to get better organized and prepared for the following months.

the Sept/Oct theme will be —  earning the Pathfinding Merit Badge.

as you all know, last Jan, national re-instituted 4 old merit badges that had been retired.  among them is Pathfinding.

we will talk more about this Monday, but basically, the Scouts will do the homework at home, and report back on Monday nights the information they have learned.

this is being done over a several week period.

BUT once we are done.. we are done….  no lingering on until xmas on this one.

the attached file shows the requirements and a small worksheet to help make notes.  copies will be distributed Monday.

this merit badge is only offered this year.  sooooo…  I hope you will find this interesting.


SOS service project signup starting Monday — more details soon as to time and uniform.


YPT training —  do NOT put this off and delay —-  it only takes 30 minutes

one last item…..

as stated in the newsletter….

if you are elected to a PLC position… you are expected to attend the troop JLT training oct 16 and 17.  this is a 1.5 overnight event at d-a.

we will be working on Monday program planning, leadership training, patrol effectiveness as well as some other surprise events.

please keep this mandatory training event on your calendars if running for SPL, ASPL, PL or APL.


mr j

Pathfinding Merit Badge-ver6

Reminder: First Troop Meeting

Just a reminder about the first troop meeting:Norman Rockwell

When: 7:00pm to 8:45pm on Monday, September 13th, 2010

Where: Wass Elementary School, Troy, MI

Why: First troop meeting of the year!

Note the time change for the first meeting, we will be returning to the usual 7:00pm to 8:30pm the following week.

Also, the Downloads area of the website has been updated with all of the new medical forms, as well as the forms from the previous post (newsletter, calendar, themes for the outings). Be sure to check it out.